6 Takeaways From Leadership in 100 Words

Join us for “Leadership in 100 Words” with Mainak Dhar, Best Selling Author and CEO of a Multinational Firm.
Leadership in 100 words by Mainak Dhar is an amazing book on leadership and mentorship.
In this session, Mainak will share invaluable tips and lessons for becoming the best leader. He has put all he had learned in 25 years of his corporate career in terms of leadership skills and values in this book and will share it with you.

Are you new to team leadership and unsure how to motivate and lead others that rely on you?

Are you having difficulty leading your team during periods of change and volatility?

Don’t you wish you had a personal mentor to assist you in overcoming these and other frequent leadership obstacles?

Leadership in 100 words serves as a catalyst, prompting reflection on how you could tackle typical Leadership and mentorship issues and provide you the answer of your questions.

In today’s competitive environment, leaders in every industry have several obstacles to motivating their teams. This explicitly referring to young leaders who are genuinely torn between the two terms Motivated and Motivating.

Leadership in 100 words is about:

  • Leading others –  Leadership entails accountability that means the responsibility to assist and shape another person’s career.
  • Leading through change -First and foremost, modify yourself. It’s critical to put oneself in the shoes of others before bringing about change.
  • Leading Yourself – ‘Lead’ yourself first because Leadership is a journey, not a destination. A successful leader’s secret sauce is molding, restructuring, and re-learning.

6 Takeaways from Leadership in 100 words: Simple tips for complex challenges

  1. It’s not a boss always, but rather grandparents, mother, and father who constantly motivate us serve as mentors and influence our leadership skills. This debunks the misconception that mentorship is limited to the realm of business.
  2. Leadership is not limited to being a boss and issuing directives. It’s about illuminating routes for yourself and your fellows on a journey. It is a matter of leading properly.
  3. Successful leaders do not wait for instructions from others. Instead, they respond quickly and appropriately.
  4. Effective leadership exemplifies setting goals, prioritizing them, and taking ownership of them while also admitting responsibility for falling short of stated objectives.
  5. Leadership is all about inspiring people to action. Encourage team creativity and innovation via brainstorming and prototype sessions. This is an excellent method to inspire people and ensure equality of opportunity.
  6. Optimistic leaders trust their team and their ability to work together to create a better future, and they appreciate their team members’ contributions to their success.

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Mainak Dhar wears many hats. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, his ‘day job’ has seen him lead teams and businesses in the corporate world.

A self-described ‘cubicle dweller by day and writer by night’, he loves creating and sharing stories. His books have been bestsellers in India and abroad including the Alice in Deadland series, and Sniper’s Eye.

His books have been translated into Turkish, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, German and Portuguese, reaching millions of readers. He is also a passionate student of Karate, and holds a Black Belt.