Achieving Meaningful Success: Unleash the Power of Me

Join us for “Achieving Meaningful Success” with the Original Mrs FunnyBones – Rachna Thakurdas and Veteran Investor, Vivek Mansingh

The first step to achieving meaningful success is defining the person you aspire to be.   Let us focus on defining us and our aspirational goals.   And then becoming the best version of ourselves and realising those aspirations.

The Takeaways:

  • Goals, Goals .. Goals.  The first step is to figure out where is it that you want to go.  Until that is there – no map or plan can be created.   Goals can be for 5 years , 10 Years or 20 Years.  It is for you to decide.
  • Goals need to be holistic.  We need to focus both of professional/financial as well as personal.  
  • Aspire Big.  We often do not aspire as we are fearful that we will not be able to achieve them.  Failure is a big part of success.    And it is something that we need to get used to.  
  • You need to focus on the 4 Gods that will help you reach your goals.
    • God #1:  Inspirational People. These are people that inspire you but it is not that you want to be them.  Identify who inspires you and then learn as much as you can about them.   They motivate us to achieve more.
    • God #2:   Role Models.   These are the people that you want to be.  You need to research and pick these carefully.  How did they get where they are today.  What are the steps that they took to reach there?   What can you learn from them.   These people will be closely associated with the goals you have.   For example, if you are looking to be an entrepreneur in food delivery, you will start to identify role models in this area and learn their journey.
    • God #3:  Get a Mentor.  A mentor is very important to reach your goals as they will push you and guide you.   Finding a mentor will be tough and will take work.  This is one of the biggest investments you will have to make.    Also,  before someone will invest their time in mentoring you – they would want to know that you are serious.  So make sure that you do your homework.
    • God #4:  Books / Podcast.  Start reading and learning.  Set a target of reading 50 books / podcast in your own timeframe.   20 of these books should be from your area or the area that you want to grow in.  You have to keep learning and keep growing.

The Book “Achieving Meaningful Success: Unleash the Power of ME” can be an adept lifetime mentor faithfully by your side to guide you through various stages of life. 

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