Awakening the RainMaker – Exclusive Tips and Insights for Career & Personal Success

Let’s learn about Awakening the Rainmaker – Exclusive Tips & Insights for the road to Career Success” with Nishtha Anand , Author | Strategy Consulting | Mother

Like many women in the middle of their careers. Nishtha too was overwhelmed when she first became pregnant –   would she also fall off the career trajectory like countless others. Nishtha shares her learnings and exclusive insights from some of India’s most powerful women.

Book Overview

This book delves into the gender gap in India, it captures the gaps and potential solutions across the life of a woman’s career.   In this book, advice from India’s most powerful women is captured.

The Gender Gap

It will take 135 years to close the gender gap .. Yep, 135 years.  This is a call for action for all women and society in general.  Deep rooted in our psyche is GENDER conditioning and this is holding women back.

Who is a Rain-maker?

Rain-makers are role-models who are at the top of their careers.  They are super-stars, and unfortunately are mostly men.  Why are there so few Indian women rain-makers?    Is it because of different life-cycle in which we are subconsciously primed for domesticity and are continuously torn between work and family?

How can we have it all?

Highlight the learning from two Rain-makers.  The first set of tips is Meher Pudumjee, ChairPerson, Thermax.

  1. Prioritization
  2. Time Management
  3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
  4. Be there for all milestones Big or Small
  5. Spend happy time with kids
  6. Remind yourself that work makes you happy and you must pursue your passion
  7. Delegate Shamelessly  and build a Support System

The second set of tips is from Raspreet Sidhu, Captain of India’s Basketball Team

  1. Supportive. Parents and In-laws
  2. Solid support from your partner
  3. Believe in yourself
  4. Forge your own identity

Simple (4) Tips for Career Success

  1. Research the company that you will be working for and understand where it is in terms of diversity.  Do you see women at the top and a concerted effort to retain women?  Are their policies progressive.
  2. Choose the boss that you will work for.  This is important in your growth and the growth of your career.
  3. Delegate, delegate and delegate some more.
  4. Make your husband and family your partners.  It is about developing your support system so that you can shamelessly pursue your passion.

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Author - Awakening the Rainmaker | Strategy Professional | Delhi University Gold medallist | MBA - Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi