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Building Brands, Building Brand You | Anita Nayyar

#LeadershipTalks: Let’s Learn about  Building Brands, Building Brand YOU with Anita Nayyar,  COO-Media & Communications Patanjali & EX-CEO Havas Media Group – India and SEA

Brands are becoming more powerful than ever.  In this session we will discuss how to build and scale a strong brand and how can you build your own brand.   

Key Takeaways – Anita Nayyar:

  1. You cannot build a strong brand without hardwork and discipline.   The same is required for YOU and for any brand.
  2. Consistency and time is required to build a brand.   Brands are built over time and not over night.   For building brands, one needs to invest in them and must have a long term strategy in mind.
  3. If a brand decides to make bold move – then they should stick by it.
  4. A brand has be meaningful in today’s day and age.  Meaningful means that it needs to improve the quality of people’s lives in a tangible, substantial, and fulfilling way.
  5. Brands need to make the experience meaningful with the customers.  One such example is Cadbury.   They have created an experience that is lasting.
  6. Patanjali is another example of brand that capitalised on Indian Values, Ayurveda and the Swadeshi movement to become a 30,000 cr company.
  7. Every step of the way is memorable and enjoyable.  You learn more from your failures  so appreciate them too.
  8. Social media and social media presence is very important for brands.  It is important now for brands to engage with their customers.   And social media provides such a channel.
  9. There are 3 Things that Brands Must do:   Interact, Engage and Be Expereintial
  10. In terms of people, values matter the most.  You can teach people skills but it is difficult to change their values.  Anita strongly believe that while professionals can be trained with the relevant skillsets it is good human beings who are key to forming good teams. Having built and nurtured teams, people management is key to deliver results. You are nothing without your team that trusts & believes in you.

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