Devi, Diva or She-Devil: We are Wonder Women

Let’s explore the complex issues faced by Indian women at the workplace with Sudha Menon. Sudha is an Author, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Get Writing. She is the author of five popular non-fiction books including Feisty at Fifty; Legacy; Gifted; and Devi, Diva, or She Devil.

What is Devi, Diva or She-Devil is all about?

Devi, Diva or She-Devil discusses many issues that women who follow their passions typically run into, like dealing with familial pressures, gender preconceptions, leadership obstacles, and bringing up children while succeeding in their jobs.

An ambitious woman is  always subjected to a great deal of social pressure and scrutiny. She’s a driven person, but she can’t be a good wife or mother if she strives so hard to retain her individuality.

Let’s dive into the inspirational stories of some wonderful women:

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, chairman and founder of Biocon Limited, is a well-known face now. But she had to deal with many adversities at the beginning of her business. People discount her business because she is a woman entrepreneur and won’t deal with her for that reason alone.

However, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw was tenacious in her pursuit of her objective, demonstrating that business isn’t that difficult if women can run the world.

Olympic medalist Mary Kom describes how both men and women in her community mocked her, saying that she would never be able to establish a career in boxing or support a family with her ‘odd’ job choice. So she stayed on her chosen course, and the rest is history.

Ela Bhatt, the founder of the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), the most notable pioneers and entrepreneurial forces in women’s livelihood development. She is known as the “gentle revolutionary” and has devoted her life to helping India’s poorest and underpriviledged women workers.

Ela Bhatt had the foresight to organize self-employed women in the informal sector and support their collective quest for social justice, equality, and fair treatment. She empathizes with women and proves Women for Women is not a myth but a reality.

5 Tips for Women to take an avatar of Devi, Diva, or She-Devil:

  1. Challenges are an inevitable part of life, and they should be welcomed rather than avoided.
  2. Push yourself to new heights, step beyond of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to try something new.
  3. Everyone has limiting beliefs, but the most successful individuals discover methods to overcome them.
  4. Pay attention to your ambitions, trust your intuition, and defy social pressure.
  5. Make no attempt to please everyone.


Devi, Diva, or She-Devil suggests ‘Ambition is not a bad word’, tells us “How to keep on track,’ and encourage us to raise our voice and say ‘Don’t talk to my chest, I have a face!’ and help us “Dealing with mother’s guilt”.

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Speaker | Personality Details
Author, Motivational Speaker, and Founder

Sudha Menon is a former journalist and the author of five popular non-fiction books including Feisty at Fifty; Legacy; Gifted; and Devi, Diva or She Devil.

She is the founder of the writing workshop series Get Writing and Writing with Women, a writing workshop that gets women from diverse backgrounds together to share their experiences and write down their stories.

Sudha worked for 23 years as a journalist with reputed publications including The Independent from the Times group, The Hindu Business Line from the Hindu group, and Mint, the business daily from HT Media in collaboration with Wall Street Journal before she decided to follow her long-cherished dream of turning author.