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Hope from Devdutt Pattanaik, India’s number 1 mythologist.   Post Covid, many of us are reassessing life.  Some are hopeful and some have lost all hope.  This new book focuses on how to find positivity in our lives.

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Takeaways – Hope – Devdutt Pattanaik

  1. Hopelessness emerges when we are convinced that the world does not grant us opportunities, when we feel overwhelmed by challenges and threats, when we feel stripped of all strength.  Furthermore, when we feel abandoned by family and friends.
  2. Many of myths and stories are about hopelessness and crisis.  They provide wisdom on how to deal with HOPELESS situations.  This is especially true in the Ramayana and the way that Ram and Sita deal with their “HOPELESS” situations.   In the Mahabharata we have the stories of the Pandavas and Draupadi.   What is interesting is how differently Sita and Draupadi react to the crisis.   Draupadi with a desire of vengeance and Sita with disappointment followed by acceptance.
  3. Not everything is in our control.  Even the all Powerful Gods cannot change this.   Krishna could not convince the Pandavas to not hate the Kauravas.
  4. Because HOPE exists, we feel helpless.   Help is something that we take for granted.  Scarcity is nature’s reality.   But we are used to abundance.  Thus, we dream of a world which is perfect and where nothing goes “wrong”.  But all of our oldest stories continuously remind us that it is nearly impossible.
  5. How do we handle a crisis?  Here is the 5 things that we need to deal with.  The plan is prespective.  We need to deal with panic, with Emotions, with the Tasks, with the Waitin and with others.
  6. Finally, we need to focus on how we can be more resilient.  One way to do this is to retrain your gaze – that a crisis comes and goes.  Also, move away from the good – bad framework,  the hero-villain mentality, end the saviour complex and talk about death.

In conclusion, Life is sometimes kind, sometimes cruel.  Appreciate life and its diversity.  Be grateful and be generous.

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