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It can become really frustrating sometimes when you cannot sleep at night. Not getting enough sleep is harmful for your health as well. But some people suffer from Insomnia and find it really hard to fall asleep at night.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that can happen due to many reasons but mainly because of stress or any other kind of neurological problems. One of the most common thing that most people resort to at times is popping pills… But before you do that, how about giving chance to some natural way. Here are some Natural Ways To Treat Your Insomnia:

01. Light & Gentle Yoga Before Sleep

Need to relax your mind and body, what better than some light asanas. 15-20 minutes before sleeping a few simple yoga poses can help deal with your stress hormones, hence, you’ll be able to sleep early.

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Quick Tip: Here are some poses recommended by leading yoga experts for insomnia – Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose), Balasana (Child Pose), and yes… Savasana (Corpse Pose)

02. Try some Chamomile Tea

Who are we to argue with researches, right? So, let’s try it. Chamomile is an herb that was used back in the day to help your muscle relax and reduce tension. Chamomile Tea relaxes your body and helps you sleep peacefully. Add chamomile tea in your daily routine (after dinner). This way it’ll help you to fix your sleep schedule.


Secret Tip: Chamomile tea is also good for your skin and hair. It is also good for digestive health, helps in controlling blood sugar, boosts immunity, and improves heart health. And ladies, it’s also helps in reducing period pain.

03. Warm milk

Warm milk contains a substance called tryptophan which helps in increasing the melatonin levels in your body. Increased melatonin helps you in falling asleep faster and better.

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Smart Tip: Tea, coffee and all these drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided at night. Caffeine is psychoactive substance that keeps your awake and working.

o4. Go for a Hot Bath before bed

When you take a hot bath before bed, your body’s core temperature increases. It rapidly reduces later, giving you a comfortable sleep and relaxing your body.

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FUN FACT: Taking hot bath at night is pretty common in Japan. Japanese people use this term ofuro ni hairu which means taking bath. Almost all houses in Japan have a ofuro (bathtub) for taking hot bath and relaxing.

05. Lavender Oil Scent

Several studies have claimed that the chemicals in lavender oil helps you in falling asleep and fighting insomnia. You can either put a few drops of lavender oil in your hot bath or you can smell it for a few seconds before sleeping. You can even put a few drops in an air diffuser, which’ll disperse the fragrance in the whole room.

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Smart Tip: Dab a drop or two of Lavender oil on your temples, wrist or neck before going to bed. Or, you can also apply a few drops on the collar of your nightwear.

06. Create Ideal Room Temperature

For a comfortable sleep, the ideal room temperature, recommended by doctor should be around 15-18 degree Celsius.

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Fun Tip: So room temperature is set…. But if still not able to fall asleep quickly, then listening to soothing music can help your brain to calm down.

07. Reduced screen time before going to bed

This is a no brainer, but still remains one of the common mistakes that we all make. And, we don’t just need to avoid before bedtime, but need to manage our screen time on everyday basis. Screen time is the biggest reason that all of us very struggling in sleeping during lockdown. You should try to reduce your screen time. Also, don’t use your phone/any screen one hour before going to bed.

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Try this Instead: Remove the screen distraction and replace it with meditation and exercises (any time of the day). It will help you to deal with your stress hormones, which will promote sleep and will fight insomnia.

08. Apps for sleeping

You can also download some apps that have some soothing sounds like that of ocean waves or some ASMRs and even white noise. Some of the apps even have a narrator’s voice that is really very calming. You can give that a try if you’re not able to sleep.

Quick tip: Here are some apps that you can try – Calm, Pzizz, Headspace, Sleepo, and Relax Melodies.

Do let us know which of these worked best for you? And if you too have a secret recipe of your own, do share with us. But, if you’re still not able to sleep even after following all these remedies, do consult a doctor about it. Do not take any sleeping pills or other medicines without a doctor’s prescription.

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