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Indra Nooyi Leadership Podcast

Indra Nooyi: Secrets of balancing work and family life

She worried and struggled to maintain a balance, but kept going. Indra Nooyi talks about the demands of being one of the most powerful women.
Apurva Purohit Leadership Podcast

Apurva Purohit: Be the BOSS

Apurva Purohit speaks about the expectations from a leader and how women leaders are best positioned to deal with challenges at the workplace.
Vinita Bali Leadership Podcast

Vinita Bali: Responsibility of Leadership

Vinita Bali talks about the quality of leadership and how it depends upon the kind of aspiration you generate in other people.
Sutapa Banerjee Leadership Podcast

Sutapa Banerjee: Avoiding Errors in Judgement

Sutapa Banerjee talks about the rejecting the social conditioning that associates power and leadership roles with masculinity.
Chanpreet Arora Leadership Podcast

Chanpreet Arora: Have zero guilt for your ambition

Chanpreet Arora talks about breaking the glass ceiling and becoming a top leader in the male-dominated media industry.
Anu Aga Leadership Podcast

Anu Aga: Overcoming Loss To Orchestrating One of the Biggest...

In this episode of #LeadershipTalks, host Sukirti Gupta speaks to Anu Aga, businesswoman and social worker, about leadership. Anu...
Ruchira Chaudhary Leadership Podcast

Ruchira Chaudhary: The secret sauce for impactful leadership

In this episode of #Leadership Talks, host Sukirti Gupta speaks to Ruchira Chaudhary, author and leadership coach, about uncommon...
Vani Kola Leadership Podcast

Vani Kola: Impact through innovation and entrepreneurship

In this episode of #LeadershipTalks, host Sukirti Gupta speaks to Vani Kola, Venture Capitalist, Leader and Entrepreneur. Vani talks...
Shikha Sharma Leadership Podcast

Shikha Sharma: Building a long-term career in a male dominated sector

In the finance world dominated by men, she built a long term career as a woman leader. Shikha Sharma persisted and kept running the marathon. How did she do it? Lets find out.
Renuka Mishra Leadership Podcast

Renuka Mishra: Redefining equality and leadership

Renuka speaks about creating an inclusive and gender-sensitive workplace.
Leadership Talks with Top Indian Women Leaders

#LeadershipTalks: Explore Leadership with Top Indian Women Leaders

Learn from the real stories of top Indian women leaders who are breaking barriers with their bold Leadership Style.