Learn the Secret of Great Leaders | Ruchira Chaudhary

10 Powerful Lessons From Coaching Great Leaders Across The Globe” with Ruchira Chaudhary, Leading Executive Coach & Author.

Having coached C-level business leaders and board members, Ruchira has learned some powerful lessons and gleaned great leadership insights.

In this webinar, Ruchira will share this wisdom of over 22 years on what makes leaders unique and how they leverage coaching to their advantage to take their capability and performance a notch higher. This webinar will help you understand, internalize, and utilize a wide array of important leadership concepts, skills, and ideas.

The Secret of Leaders : 1O Powerful Coaching Lessons

Coaching is a process aimed to improve a person’s, team’s, or organisation’s behaviours, cognitions, actions, decision-making, and overall productivity. As a result, collaboration, support, and guidance are all hallmarks of effective coaching leadership. Coaching leaders aim to bring out the best in their team members through goal-setting and obstacle-solving.

10 Powerful Coaching Lessons from Leaders:

1 Ask, don’t tell.

Great leaders are inquisitive by nature. Their decisions are never made in an attempt to influence anyone else. In fact, they try to develop a sense of freedom of speech and trust in each other is fostered when questions are posed to a team.

What do they do?

• Inquire about problem-solving strategies with people.

• They develop judgment and wisdom by inquire how the team thinks.

2. Shared decisions.

Great leaders make excellent decisions. Each decision they make is an opportunity to empower people on their team by leveraging their talents, experiences, and expertise.

Benefits of involving the team in decision making:

  • It breaks the cycle of repetitive mistakes.
  • Facilitate Teamwork and Communication.
  • Improve the Employee Engagement.

3. Provide clarity and up rise confidence.

The Leader articulates the organisation’s vision and the actions required to attain it. Leaders can motivate others to embrace critical ideals critical to the organisation’s success.

4. Experimental Nature.

They constantly give themselves and others the freedom to think outside of the box. ‘They allow for mistakes to be made and serve as a motivator to learn from them.

How do they do that?

• Encourage a shared vision.
• Make it possible for others to take action.

5. Practice Free-Falling.

Those in positions of authority accept that they do not have all of the answers or solutions and allow themselves to be vulnerable. They own their shortcomings and delegate authority to others.

6. Empathy.

Empathy understands the reality of your people. Because, in the long run, a leader who exhibits empathy to their team will have a team that demonstrates empathy and trust from the inside.

7. The Reflection.

They know nobody is perfect, and they are self-aware leaders. They constantly work on their attributes, and it reflects in their behaviour.

3 questions they ask:

• Do you need support? I am always available for coaching.
• I always need to improve myself. How I am doing ?
• What can I do better? It is favorable for both the parties.

8. Consistency.

A consistent leader keeps the same demeanor regardless of whether things are going well or the world is collapsing around them. Leaders who can keep a steady tone inspire more confidence in their teams than visibly panicked leaders.

9. Embrace Growth –Mind-set.

The process is more important than the outcome for growth-minded Leaders. Because a growth mindset Leader always tries to find chances for their team even amid crises. They don’t curl up in a corner, blaming themselves for their failures. Instead, they work to expand their team to solve any obstacle.

10. Room to Uncommon Leadership.

Uncommon Leader has both mentorship and coaching abilities. As a result, they are more focused to coach people rather than instructing. As a result, Uncommon leadership says that leaders need to hold a creative tension between what might seem like conflicting and competing goals.


Without a doubt, leadership is challenging. And, perhaps most significantly, it is changing. Hence, coachable leaders are in high demand because they excite, inspire, engage, and appreciate their teams as they work toward achievement.

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Ruchira Chaudhary is an author and leadership coach with a background in mergers and acquisitions, organization design, culture and leadership. She coaches MBA students and senior business executives at several business schools — SMU, NUS and IMD in Singapore, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and most recently, the London Business School. S

Ruchira’s diverse and eclectic background in mergers & acquisitions, organization effectiveness and strategy execution, coupled with two decades of experience in emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, helps her grasp challenging people issues.

Ruchira frequently gets featured in and writes for leading business journals like HBR. She has authored a series of highly acclaimed leadership and coaching articles for the Mint and also writes a regular column for them.

She is the author of the book Coaching: The Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership commissioned by Penguin Random House and endorsed by luminaries like Sheryl Sandberg, and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw. The book released globally in March 2021 to much acclaim.

She was recently facilitated as one of the “21 Women Leaders in 2021” by a leading women’s platform in India.