Manya Singh Miss India 2020 - Sipping Thoughts
Manya Singh Miss India 2020 - Sipping Thoughts

So, recently this year’s Miss India 2020  winners were announced. The results made a lot of people so happy and proud. But why? What is so special this year? Well, the special thing is the life story of Miss India 2020 Runner Up, Manya Singh.

The winner of the Miss India 2020 crown is Manasa Varanasi. 23-year-old Manasa is a resident of Telangana. She was crowned by Miss India 2019, Suman Ratan Singh Rao. Other than her, Haryana’s Manika Sheokand became Miss Grand India 2020 and Uttar Pradesh’s Manya Singh was crowned Miss India 2020 runner-up.

But there is something very special about our Miss India 2020 runner-up. This is the sole reason why people are so glad to see the results of Miss India 2020. Manya Singh, who originally belongs to Uttar Pradesh did not have a very happy and easy life.

Manya Singh Miss India 2020 - Sipping Thoughts
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Manya’s Inspiring Life Story

Manya’s father is an auto-rickshaw driver in Uttar Pradesh. Her story has now become the inspiration for millions of little girls who aspire to be what Manya is today. Those girls who want to become Miss India or Miss World would now look up to Manya. Manya’s life has been extremely tough. Struggles were a part of her life. She left her home in Uttar Pradesh at a very young age and traveled to Mumbai just to achieve that crown. While she was studying, she did multiple jobs and give multiple auditions. She had to find a way to live in the big city.

Not only this, sometimes in life you need motivation to stay firm on the ground. Manya was nagged about her skin color and family background, every now and then.

“I realized that to have a successful life, you need to know. I enrolled myself in a college then I started working in a call centre and decided to pursue my dream of becoming Miss India. Mujhe bahut logon ne bola ‘you are not the Miss India type, you are dusky’, but I believed in myself. Somehow I knew I will do what I want to do. I joined a call centre because I knew mujhe apne language mein fluency laani hai, whether English or Hindi. Mujhe paise bhi chahiye thay jisse main apna ghar chala sakoon. When I entered the PI round of Miss India, I told them that I am not just representing UP, I am representing all women. If I am getting this opportunity, I would like to be a role model for women who want to do something big in their life,” says Manya.

Manya Singh Miss India 2020 - Sipping Thoughts
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Reaction Of Manya’s Parent’s On Her Victory & Journey

Her parents are now very proud of her. They are glad to see their daughter becoming runner-up of Miss India 2020. There was a time in her life where her parents couldn’t afford to send her to school. Just like any middle-class family, her mother was always worried if she could achieve something this big. Manya mentions, “When I told my mom about becoming a Miss India, she said, ‘You need to have a strong background for Miss India. Humare jaise log aise sapne nahi dekhte. Kabhi aukaat se badhkar sapne nahi dekne chahiye’. But I told her to believe in me and that it was time to change the world and what it expects out of us. I would like to say this to everyone out there that believe in your dreams, jitney bade sapne, utni difficulties aayengi, but believe in your dreams.”

Coming from an underprivileged background, what Manya has achieved is truly applaudable. In our country, there are no many opportunities for the underprivileged, middle-class families, it is really tough to break the bubble you’re in and come out of that bubble and outshine. Despite of all the financial conditions in her house, and no strong background; Manya has set an example that your hard work can get you where you want to be. Manya had a will to do, which most of us, being privileged does not have. All you need in your life is correct motivation and a will to achieve something, and the sky becomes your limit. There’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from becoming what you want.

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