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Meghna Pant:  Award Winning Author, Journalist, Podcaster, Host and Speaker.   She writes on women and gender centric issues that include rape, domestic violence, surrogacy and body shaming.   In 2018, she was awarded the Laadli Media Awards.   She is a speaker at Jaiput Literature Festival, Tata Literature Festival and many others.

According to Michelle D’Souza of the Khaleej Times,

“Her works come with strong feminist leanings, and showcase multi-dimensional characters, especially women.

Domestic Violence is a theme that is very personal for her.  As a domestic violence survivor herself, she is very vocal and urges women to speak out.

Meghna Pant’s Notable Works

Her first novel, One and a Half Wife (2012), won the Muse India National Literary Awards:  Young Writer Award.   This book is a story of immigration,  struggle for identity, broken marriages and coming of age in a small town.

She was written to Short Stories Collections:  Happy Birthday (2013)  and The Trouble With Women (2016).   Happy Birthday was long listed for the Frank O’Connor International Awards.

In 2015, Meghna started curating a monthly panel discussion called “Feminist Rani”, which was later published into a book by the same name.    Her second non-fiction book was How To Get Published in India in 2019.   This was a best-seller giving inside secrets on how to get published.


THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, VERY GOOD NEWS (2021) and delve into the ticking biological clock, fertlility, motherhood, societal expectations … and so much more.

Meghna Pant was “Single and Childless at 33 and described by society as a failure!    I had a good career .. but I was not woman enough until I had a child.   Sounds Familiar?    We may have been there.   Don’t let anyone feed you this narrative … and make your own reality!  Debunk everything that you have learnt.”

  You can be quiet feminist .. it is not about dharna’s and burning bras .. It is women and men against patriarchy!

Soon to be seen as a major motion picture Badnam Ladoo, this humorous yet inspiring story of a small-town woman’s fight against social stigma will resonate with every woman, and man.

This book takes a humorous and light approach to address an important issue, relevant to every woman in the world, without being belligerent or pedantic.  Today we are talking about the  issue of Motherhood .. how we want it and when we want it …   I really like your dedication of the book .. to women everywhere .. you are more than a walking womb ..  AND a good reminder by Meghna Pant that yes we are!

Covered in this Interview with Meghna Pant:

  1. What inspired you to write this book .. in your acknowledgments that there was a specific event or a series of events that triggered it?
  2. We would love to  hear your story?
  3. In an interview you said “ This led you to the obvious question: Was everything You’d been told about pregnancy and fertility a lie?”    IS it a LIE?  
  4. You are a “Feminist” ..  it is there boldly in your Linkedin Profile too .. what is a feminist?  Is Ladoo, your main character,  is she a feminist?
  5. Do you see yourself in Ladoo?
  6. Or in Tamara .. I also liked the different female characters that you weaved .. one or the other that we can relate to .. Tamara  a “Feminist” and with no desire for marriage .. giving us a glimpse into some very different women.. 
  7. The book is going to be made in major motion picture ?   Who would you love to see as Ladoo .. and ofcourse Kamini Kavya .. 
  8. How difficult is it to write “comedic” novel? 
  9. Please do read us your favorite passage from the book?
  10. Now, lets talk about the pressure about being a women .. the complicated lives we manage .. and the quest to find Mr Right …  and Donor Right .. and Live Right … Blah .. Blah .. 

  11. The social stigma ..  esp. one that is associated with being a single – unwed mother .. also using a DONOR sperm?   We usually people would go for adoption, but rarely we hear single women in india going for sperm banks… that too in a small town .. Why did you pick this backdrop?
  12. There are many other social stigmas that you touch upon – suffocating marriages .. boy and girls can be “just” Friends .. LGBTQ etc .. is there a message that you are hoping to send?
  13. The biological clock .. that is constantly ticking .. your protagonist .. Ladoo .. is what we would say is fairly young .. only “34” .. but has aging eggs .. today we see women at 50 opting for motherhood..  even in your book there is an Aunty at 50 that is pregnant … just last week Naomi Campbell welcomed home a baby girl ..  and we have had Shilpa Shetty .. do you think the social stigma is breaking .. what will it take?
  14. What advice would you like to give to women that would like to take the plunge .. into MOTHERHOOD?
  15. What was the research like?  How was writing this novel different from your earlier works?
  16. You have signed your next novel “Boys Don’t Cry” .. tell us a bit about that .. it seems that it will also break down many gender stereotypes and delve into the issue of. domestic violence, a woman’s retribution, and a delightfully twisted end!
  17. And my last question .. which is also from an earlier work of YOURS .. how does one get PUBLISHED in India! 
  18. Oh no .. one more. .. Dying to know What you are you reading?  
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Meghna Pant

Meghna Pant is an award-winning author, columnist, feminist and TEDx speaker. Her books have been published to critical and commercial acclaim. Pant's debut collection of short stories Happy Birthday (Random House, 2013) was long-listed for the Frank O'Connor International Award 2014. One and a Half Wife (Westland, 2012)-her bestselling debut novel-won the national Muse India Young Writer Award and was shortlisted for several other awards, including the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Her latest book The Trouble with Women (Juggernaut, 2016) is considered a landmark in feminist writing and was described as 'the best book from Juggernaut' by Hindu BusinessLine.

Pant has also won the FON South Asia Short Story Award (2016) and the Bharat Nirman Award (2017) for her writing.