Renuka Mishra: Redefining equality and leadership

She believes that there are no innocent bystanders in case of eve-teasing and gendered violence. IPS officer Renuka Mishra redefines equality and gender equity.

In this episode of #LeadershipTalks, host Sukirti Gupta speaks to IPS officer Renuka Mishra about leadership and equality. Renuka speaks about creating an inclusive and gender-sensitive workplace. In this episode, she addresses the gap in equal opportunities and leadership roles available to women.

The claim that a woman is not equal to a man stems out of a feeling of physical and intellectual superiority of men. So due to this belief, organizations often define roles that they feel are suitable for women. They associate leadership with masculinity and prefer men for such roles.

Above all, Renuka Mishra thinks of herself as an IPS officer, and not a lady IPS officer. She reminds us that our roles are not gender-specific. Furthermore, gender bias can be observed by taking a look at the decision making involved in accepting or rejecting women in combat roles.   Questions like

‘Will they be able to perform in a male-dominated profession? Are they even required?”

Renuka Mishra talks about challenges women officers face while on duty which includes:

  • They face difficulties in sizes of protective gear as “nothing fits”. Bulletproof vests, caps, shoes, tracksuits and dungarees do not fit as these are all designed for men.
  • The customs at law enforcement offices are tailored to the needs of male workers.
  • Bathrooms and other facilities are also not available for female workers.

Therefore, this needs to change.  In conclusion, Renuka Mishra advocates for that change with her unapologetic and fearless leadership style.

Takeaways From Renuka Mishra

      1. Do not associate leadership with masculinity. Be it workplace or your home.  Roles are not gender-specific.
      2. There is an urgent need to shift the onus of gendered violence onto men. They are the perpetrators.  Therefore, we cannot label gender violence as “women’s issues”.
      3. Popular perceptions are based on stereotypes. So we have to work actively to reject gender roles and stereotypes.

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Speaker | Personality Details
ADG UP Police

Renuka Mishra is the ADG, Police Recruitment and Promotion board, and Nodal Officer (Lucknow) for Mission Shakti, which spearheads the initiative focused on women’s safety, security, dignity and self-reliance. She actively works to make the voice of every woman heard.

She has 31 years of experience in the areas of Human resource management, Recruitment and training, Investigation of Crime, Maintenance of Law & Order, Community Policing and Trans-national Crime control while posted at various places during the service.

She has received many awards including the Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Services, President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Services, High Altitude medal, Foreign Service and UN peacekeeping medal as well as 7 silver and golden Director-General Commendation Discs over the course of her career.