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Sidhartha Mallya | Sid Mallya | New Book. .. If I’m Honest .. deep dives into his life, depression, Living with OCD and the Effects of His Parent’s Divorce

Sid has had a unique life to say the least. Born into one of India’s most prominent business families, he has had—from an outside perspective—what many would consider a blessed life. Appearances can often be deceiving, though, and at times what was going on inside was a very different story.

In this searingly honest, witty and wonderfully written memoir, he opens up about these matter .. and also what helped him face and overcome his challenges.

Also when asked if this book was a publicity stunt .. he answers .. “There are a lot easier ways to make money then to bare your soul” … It all started with his web videos conSIDer which led him to write this book.

Question asked by the Host – Sukirti Gupta to Sid Mallya:

  1. Sidhartha Mallya .. SID Mallya …  So WHO ARE YOU?
  2. Tell us about your Mental Health Journey?    There are also MANY skeptics .. who are claiming this is a PR Stunt Book?  
  3. Even Now – The press is hard on you  .. I was reading a story on Quantico and you not getting a role in it.   And the words were ‘failed’ or ‘rejected’ – you reacted quite harshly  as quoted again in the Press .. Does it still bother you?  Or do you get used to it?   Why do you feel the need to react?
  4. Have your parents read your book.. what were there Thoughts?  How did they take the book? What is your relationship with them like?
  5. The Effect that DIVORCE has had on you?   Divorce is becoming even more common these days .. and it is hard .. Any thoughts that you would like to share here .. 
  6. A Liquor Baron’s son that does not drink .. quite intriguing .. as currently the trend is to drink .. Liquor sales are through the roof .. the Peer Pressure .. and Not being part of the “cool” gang .. it is very difficult to navigate for most people .. 
  7. I loved this from your Instagram .. And Even at 50 .. I am struggling with this …  that a  how people constantly have opinions about everything we do, some of the things people say and the endless judgments
  8. Finding your own path .. not taking over the FAMILY Business .. even if your DAD did not make you feel guilty .. everyone else did?  Lets talk about GUILT .. the one thing driving us crazy .. 
  9. Finding Purpose .. And Being Able to Have your OWN identity?
  10. Self Work .. you use this lot in your BOOK .. what is SELF WORK and why is it important?
  11. Any Words of Caution?
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Sidhartha Vijay Mallya is an Indian-American actor and model. He registered with the Screen Actors Guild as Sid Mallya, saying he chose the stage name to try to avoid being typecast in stereotypical roles.