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Begin Your Ascension: Identity, Success, and Power for Women

Women have enormous potential to transform the world if they take on leadership roles at all levels. They are underrepresented in corporate positions, and the negative connotations that are sometimes associated with women in positions of power can deter them from pursuing leadership positions in the field.

 What is holding you back?

The answer lies in ICEBERG MODEL.

The iceberg model is a systems thinking technique that can assist an individual or group identify the behavioral patterns, supporting structures, and mental models that underpin a specific occurrence.


 Observable behavior consists—cognitions, emotions, and moods. Strict behaviorists believed that any person, regardless of genetic background, personality qualities, or interior thoughts, could theoretically be trained to accomplish any activity.


Self-limiting beliefs colloquially referred to as “Iceberg Beliefs” are women’s negative feelings and thoughts about themselves and others. They, like icebergs, can lurk beneath the surface—women may not have said them out, but they affect their thinking, confidence, and the way they live their lives.


The inner Motivation  demonstrates how various motivators influence various types of performance. Motivators exist “below the iceberg,” in which employees are recognized and relationships are developed.


The phrases “good,” “desirable,” and “worthwhile” are all used to refer to values in a more limited sense. Purposeful behavior is driven by one’s ideals.

Your personal history has formed you into the person you are now. And you carry that shape with you throughout your daily life, frequently unaware of it.

Are you aware of what messages have shaped you?

  • Old School Thought
  • Family is Origin
  • Communication & Culture
  • Competitive Experiences

How This Shape Manifests !

  • Need to be pleasing
  • The urge to be perfect.
  • Lack of intelligence.
  • Feeling of I can’t.

A person can radically change their outlook on life and acquire a state of euphoria, optimism, and enthusiasm. This can happen only by turning on the ambition mood.

How do you get the Ambition Mood?

  • Challenge yourself.
  • Focus on your own personal and professional growth.
  • Accomplishment is contagious, so surround yourself with like-minded individuals.
  • Set new objectives all the time.
  • Take a few risks and see what happens.
  • Make the most of your creative juices.
Step In and Out is an “inner journey” to expose common ideas that women hold about themselves and others, as well as patterns of behavior and decisions that shape the lens through which they view the world.

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