Stories I Must Tell | Kabir Bedi Memoir on Love and Life

An exclusive interview with Kabir Bedi on his book ”Stories I Must Tell

A man who’s known for living his life, king size! One of a kind actor who’ve had his acting career across India, US and Europe. But his life wasn’t that easy. All the ups and downs in his life have led to a pretty rough life journey. Stories I must tell is a memoir of this man and his journey which started from Delhi and spans across the globe. So do read “Stories I Must Tell” and it will take you down memory lane.

The best-selling memoir “Stories I Must Tell: The Emotional Life of an Actor” has received great critical acclaim. The adventurous journey of a middleclass boy from Delhi who became an international star. He also talks of his relationships, as well as his work in films.   A radio broadcaster, advertising film-maker, voice-over specialist, event presenter, motivational speaker, international actor, and now author ..  

5 Takeaways from this Session:

Questions Covered in this Interview with Kabir Bedi:

  1. Why  did you want to tell “YOUR Story“?
  2. We have always seen you with one beautiful woman after another .. and you speak quite candidly about relationships breaking down .. and having hurt .. to the extent that you say  that you only know the price you paid for being and impulsively emotional man and moving on.  What relationship advice would  you give?
  3. You have seen so much in life close-up .. politics .. spirituality .. glamour .. culture ..  what would be your biggest learning?
  4. You achieved big things at a very young age.  Do you believe that following your dreams is important. And what would be your advise to younger people?
  5. It took Italy to make you a STAR ..  but you are GLOBAL Star .. in India .. US and Europe ..  how did you navigate all these different cultural landscapes?
  6. Multiple marriages  multiple this the core nature of humankind?  Do you think so many encounters and relations with complex relationships were meant to teach you something beyond life??
  7. Open marriage in 70s. It was not very popular back then so how did you deal with media stuff back then?

  8. Dealing with Mental Illness ..    or being support for someone  that may be  suffering. .. Praveen Babi suffering from Manic Depression and Siddhart from Schizophrenia .. what can be done to support them?  How to deal with GUILT?  Do you think mental issues and depression have always been all around us and it being a taboo we never talked about it??
  9. Spirituality has been a big  part of your life ..  with both your parents   .. One an original philosopher and the other a Buddhist Nun. .. what has it taught you?     You also have Ramblings on a Beach which  you say that what you believe today is  a fruit salad of many religious and philosophical beliefs?  Do you believe in the plans of universe??    The seekers like me.who questions everything..who wants to know “the truth” Who is telling us “the truth”. 
  10. Buddhism and suffering and you said you suffered a lot in what is the ultimate realisation
  11. Bankruptcy ..  and money issues .. this is something that has surrounded you .. even when you have hobnobbed with the biggest political .. spiritual and glamour players. ..
  12. How have you felt .. once your TELL all has been out?


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