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6 Takeaways From Leadership in 100 Words

Join us for “Leadership in 100 Words” with Mainak Dhar, Best Selling Author and CEO of a Multinational Firm. Leadership...
Nandana Dev Sen

The Acrobat | Nandana Dev Sen

Feminism, poetry, language and love with Nandana Dev Sen. We will also discuss the translation of Acrobat
Boy's Don't Cry | Meghna Pant

Boy’s Don’t Cry | Meghna Pant | Based on a True...

Meghna Pant is a multiple award-winning author, feminist, speaker, journalist and columnist.  She is known as one of India’s...
Anupama Chopra | A Place In My Heart

Anupama Chopra: A Place in My Heart

A Place in My Heart  by Anupama Chopra is a many-splendored thing. It is a listicle. It is a celebration of the power of storytelling.

Happily Never After | Love, Life & Heartbreaks | Sudeep Nagarkar

With Sudeep Nagarkar as we dive into what is millennial love, stereotypes, the parents, the office affair and more.
Kabir Bedi | Stories I Must Tell

Stories I Must Tell | Kabir Bedi Memoir on Love and...

Kabir Bedi - A man known for living his life, king size! One of a kind actor across the globe. But life has not been easy.
Bulbul Sharma | Fantastic Creatures in Mythology

Maricha, Tataka, Kabhanda & Kaliya and other “Fantastic Creatures in Mythology”...

Let's Learn about Fantastic Creatures in Indian Mythology.
Sudha Nair | Strictly at Work

Finding Your Why and her book “Strictly at Work” | Sudha...

Author Sudha Nair - we talk about Love,  "Finding Your Why" and her New book “Strictly at Work”
Twinkle Khanna | Women Heroes

Twinkle Khanna: 3 Women Heroes from When I Grow UP...

Listen to Twinkle Khanna as we talk about career, passion, and her new book When I Grow Up I Want To Be
Girls in Green | Tanushree Podder

Girls in Green | An inside look on the making of...

Tanushree Podder .. gives us an inside look into what goes on in the making of Army Officer .. in her new book .. Girls in Green ..  as we talk about women in the military.
Top Indian Women Authors - Nikita Singh

Nikita Singh : Young India | What do you...

Nikita Singh writes about the themes that young India is obsessed with -  social media, relationships and of-course emotions.
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni | Top Indian Women Writers

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni : Changing the Perspective | The Last...

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni talks about her different novels, especially her latest release ‘The Last Queen’,
Mira Sethi | Are Your Enjoying

Mira Sethi | Are you enjoying? | Perspective in a new...

Mira Sethi is out with her debut collection of short stories .. Are you enjoying.  I loved the short stories
Saba Karim Khan | Skyfall

Saba Karim Khan | Skyfall | A political literary fiction novel

This book talks about the problems of gender violence, love-Jihad, class conflict and the immigration apocalypse
Satyajit Ray Introduction

Satyajit Ray in 100 Anecdotes | Understanding Genius | Arthy Singh...

Satyajit Ray in 100 Anecdotes is a gorgeously illustrated, one-of-a-kind book to introduce the genius of Satyajit Ray to readers young and old.
The Mind of a Teenager |The Teen Trilogy | Monisha Gumber

The Teen Trilogy | Getting into the mind of a Teenager...

The dynamics between the family members and that between friends is pretty realistic and that draws you completely in.
Top Indian Women Writers | Meghna Pant

Meghna Pant | Motherhood, Feminism | THE TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, VERY GOOD...

Meghna Pant writes on women and gender centric issues that include rape, domestic violence, surrogacy and body shaming. Issues central to women,
Trisha Das

Trisha Das: A Fresh Prespective | “Ms Draupadi Kuru”...

Draupadi, Amba and Kunti are well settled into their modern day Kalyug. Completely out of the blue, the Pandavas brothers drop into their world.