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Take guidance from the most renowned experts in weight loss and healthy eating.  Our must watch list from India’s best known and top diet and nutrition experts.   Check out some of our esteemed speakers.

The Art of Making Tea

Tea: The Myths, The Science and The Art | Susmita...

Research shows that drinking tea (upto 5 cups a day) the right way can up your immunity.  So let's learn about tea and the art of making tea.
Whose Samosa Is it Anyway | Sonal Ved

The Origins and History of Indian Cuisine | Sonal Ved

Lets Learn:  The History & Origin of Indian Food With Sonal Ved as we talk about her new book "Whose Samosa Is It Anyway".
Reverse Lifestyle Diseases with Diet | Dr Nandita Shah

Reverse Lifestyle Diseases with Diet | Dr Nandita Shah

We live in a world of diseases and there’s no doubt about this. Heart diseases, cancers, asthma, hormonal issues, high...
Be Vegan | Poorva Joshipura | Peta

Be Vegan: Let’s Re-Think What We Eat | Poorva Joshipura

How What You Eat Impacts Animals, the Planet and Your Health

Luke’s Tips For Good Health | Luke Coutinho

Luke's Special Tips on boost immunity, improve mental health, manage stress, as well as different diet trends and their effects.
Gut Health | Ishi Khosla

Gut Health: Make Your Body Resilient | Ishi Khosla

Making your body resilient with diet... when we say this, we mean making your body healthy and immunity strong. But how can we do that?
Lose Weight | Kavita Devgan

Lose Weight the Right Way | Kavita Devgan

Many of us have put on a few extra kilos in the pandemic. And now the Quest to lose them. Let's Learn to Lose Them.
Optimum Health | Sujata Suri

7 Secrets of Optimum Health | Nutrition Expert | Sujata Suri

Since we are obsessed with following trends, we believe that being slim and looking skinny is being healthy. This mindset has created a lot of problems in the past and has taken us away from the actual health and from being truly healthy.

Make Your Body Your Valentine | Ryan Fernando

Ryan Fernando is a nutritionist and counsellor for over 1000 prominent individuals spanning the top CEO’s of the country, Olympic, Common Wealth, Asiad and International Sports Events medalists,

Build the Body’s Resilience and Strength. | Dr. Sujata Kelkar...

Dr. Sujata Kelkar Shetty is a US-trained biological scientist and has focused on researching and writing on preventive health for the last decade.

Applying Ayurveda To Transform Everyday Life | Dr. GG Gangadharan

Ayurveda has so much to offer; its simple application can transform daily life. In this session we will talk about the secret to greater happiness through balance and long-lasting health

“Everyday SuperFoods” | Dr Nandita Iyer

it has become even more important that we start focusing on our diet because of our immunity in these tough times. Therefore it’s important that we focus on our “Superfoods” and know about healthy eating

Super Nutrition for Super Women | Dr. Kiranmayi Addu

Dr. Kiranmayi Addu is currently working as a Chief Clinical Dietitian at Apollo Cradle hospital Jubilee hills Hyderabad.
Rachna Chhachhi

How Holistic Nutrition Can Invite Positivity | Rachna Chhachhi

Holistic Nutrition -  a combination of physical and emotional nutrition that scientifically repairs damaged DNA by lengthening telomeres
Twinkle Khanna | What's In Your Dabba

Healthy Recipes & Healthy Eating | What’s In Your Dabba |...

“What's In Your Dabba” is a celebrity cookbook with delicious recipes to whip up so you never have to pakao your own brains again.

Infusions Of Goodness: Time For Tea | Dr. Gurmeet Singh

Gurmeet Singh is a leading scientist and technologist in the tea world and has 25 inventions on tea to his name besides numerous scientific publications.

Fadism of Intermittent Fasting | Dr. Alok Chopra

Dr. Alok Chopra, Consultant Cardiologist & Director, Aashlok Hospital, Fortis Associate, Delhi, is one of the pioneers of “Intermittent Fasting” in India.

Boost IMMUNITY with FOOD & AYURVEDA | Dr Gurmeet Singh

Food first’ solutions for health and wellness problems relevant to society