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Leadership Talks Webinars from leading Indian Women Leaders and MEN supporting WOMEN.   Listen to these inspirational voices to develop your leadership style.

Anisha Singh

Breaking Stereotypes, Glass Ceilings and Perceptions | Anisha Singh

Join us for “Breaking Stereotypes, Glass Ceilings and Perceptions” with Anisha Singh, Founding Partner She Capital, Founder and Ex...

How to Liftoff Yourself and Pursue Your Passion?

When was the last time you indulged in a pet passion? But, unfortunately, when Life takes over, we often...
Building Brands Anita Nayyar

Building Brands, Building Brand You | Anita Nayyar

Let's Learn about  Building Brands, Building Brand YOU with Anita Nayyar,  COO-Media & Communications Patanjali & EX-CEO Havas Media Group - India and SEA
Gazal Kalra

Finding Purpose … Building for Scale.. Hitting Refresh | Gazal Kalra

Gazal Kalra, a girl like you and me, thought of choosing to organise the trucking sector as a part...
Apurva Purohit

The Business Woman’s New Handbook | Apurva Purohit

Apurva Purohit is one of India’s most powerful women in media. Let's understand from her what is the Business Woman New Handbook.
Indra Nooyi: My Life in Full

Takeaways from Indra Nooyi | “My Life in Full: Work,...

Takeaways from Indra Nooyi.  Indira Nooyi is an Indian-American business executive and former chairperson and chief executive officer of...

“Thinking about Thinking – a behavioural lens” with Sutapa Banerjee

Why do we think the way we think? Why do we decide what we decide? Does it stand us in good stead? When might it lead us to make errors of judgement? Can we anticipate it? What can we do to prevent it?

The Next Wave: Women Entrepreneurship | Vani Kola, Managing...

Women entrepreneurs are growing in India  ..  but still only represent 20% of total enterprises.  In this session, we will inspire women to follow their passion and believe in themselves to take the less trodden paths … and make a difference.

“How To Create an Impactful Life” with Prakash Seshadri (Founder &...

Distilling the ancient wisdom of the Gita and learnings from the Vedas and other spiritual texts, the author explains how centering the spiritual being clears the path to greater success in both businesses and personal lives.

Reflections, lessons and insights from a 30-year career with Sameer Chadha

Sameer will talk about his experiences and the most significant lessons learnt during his career. Reflecting on his 30 years of working, Sameer shares his insights about what matters most during the course of one’s career, what is important and what is not, and what each one of us can do to make our journey meaningful.

Inspiring Women | “Queen of the Skies”, Lt Commander Ambica Hooda...

Women entered the Indian Navy in July 1992, when they were inducted into support functions.  For 17 years Women Officers played key support roles but never got a chance to be a part of operations at sea or in air.

Breaking All Ceilings: The power of resilience & perseverance with Capt....

Captain Shalini Singh at the age of 23 lost her husband.  After two month of her husband’s martyrdom, as a single mother, she decided to join army and served the country for five years with utmost dedication.

Getting To Equal: Creating A Gender Sensitive Home & Workplace with...

Renuka Mishra is the ADG, Police Recruitment and Promotion board, and Nodal Officer (Lucknow) for Mission Shakti, which spearheads the initiative focused on women’s safety, security, dignity and self-reliance.  

Learn The Secret Code To Uncommon Leadership | Webinar | Ruchira...

Ruchira Chaudhary is also the author of ‘Coaching – The Secret Code to Uncommon Leadership’, recently released by Penguin Random House.

Innovation & The Heart Of Science | Webinar | Jayshree Seth,...

In this candid chat with Jayshree, we will discuss her journey, talk about innovation, Women in STEM and get career tips.

The Next Wave: AI/ML | Mythily Ramesh, Co-Founder & CEO...

This session will uncover all the hype behind AI/ML industry and what it means for India.   We will delve into women in AI/ML, Women entrepreneurs in this space and the opportunities

Women And STEM: Made For Each Other! | Dr. Rohini Srivathsa

Rohini will  speak about how the economy will be more tech enabled, and the economy needs women. How tech needs women to be more diverse, inclusive, fair and relevant. And how women can thrive in tech, find new opportunities to grow and become empowered.

Running the Marathon | Webinar | Shikha Sharma, Renowned Indian Economist

Thinking about how to run your career marathon or basically how to lengthen the relationship with your career. This session will focus on how to plan a career spanning a long life and how the stretch the life of your career to cover a major part of your life.