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Achieving Meaningful Success

Achieving Meaningful Success: Unleash the Power of Me

Join us for “Achieving Meaningful Success” with the Original Mrs FunnyBones - Rachna Thakurdas and Veteran Investor, Vivek Mansingh The...

Being Yourself: The Key to Your Personal Branding & Image

Personal Branding and image are the buzzwords. It is how you present yourself to the world. Effective Personal Branding allows you to...
Sudha Menon - Are you a Devi, Diva or She-Devil

Devi, Diva or She-Devil: We are Wonder Women

Let’s explore the complex issues faced by Indian women at the workplace with Sudha Menon. Sudha is an Author, Motivational...
Be Engaging - Communicate To Connect

Why Executive Presence is Essential for Better Communication?

 Join us for a session on “Be Engaging - Communicate To Connect” with Mira Swarup, Leading Impact Communication, Executive...
I am Remarkable

Self-Promotion: Get Ready to Say Yes #I AM REMARKABLE

Let's join the workshop #IamRemarkable, a Google initiative empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the...

 Say No to Self- Doubt: 5 Ways to Stop Selling Yourself...

Let's join the session, "Overcoming Self-doubt" with Yoshita Swarup Sharma,  an internationally certified executive coach (PCC) with 23 years...
Learning to Accept the Woman I Am

Work In Progress: “Learning to Accept – The Woman I Am”

Let's involve ourselves in a journey of self-acceptance-“Learning to Accept - The Woman I Am” with Aparna Apte Gupta,...
Habits to be Super Successful

9 Habits to be Super Successful

Let's Learn the “9 Habits to be  Super Successful” With Nikhil Desai, International Motivator, Trainer and Coach
Love Yourself Unconditionally

Love Yourself Unconditionally | Self-Love

Let's learn about how to love ourselves unconditionally with Chitkala Mulye, Author, Life, Relationship and sexual wellness coach|
Find Your IKIGAI

Find Your IKIGAI

Find Your Ikigai with Ruchi Mohunta, Clarity Coach - helping Teens & Adults find their IKIGAI in life. In this session we learn about Ikigai and finding our purpose in life.
Being Marriage Ready

Being Marriage Ready | Tips for a Successful Marriage

Being Marriage Ready” Tips with Samira Gupta, Life and Relationship Coach
Emotional Mastery

Emotional Mastery: Toolkit for Success | Dr. Navana Kundu

Let's Learn about  “EMOTIONAL MASTERY – Toolkit for Success” with Dr, Navana Kundu.   MSc.D, International #1 Best Selling & Award Winning Author, Speaker, Coach 
Why we hate

Talking, Reading & Writing Ourselves Out of Hate | Revati Laul

Revati Laul’s The Anatomy of Hate, shortlisted for The Hindu Prize for Non-Fiction, answers this question and raises several others about society’s propensity to hate
Wheel of Life | Shilpa Ajwani

Wheel of Life | Shilpa Ajwani

Let's Learn how to  “Build Your Wheel of Life - Identify Your Priorities” with Shilpa Ajwani | Founder & CEO unomantra | Former MD Tupperware India
3 Soft Skills To Enhance Your Well_Being

3 Soft Skills To Enhance Your Well-Being | Rhythm Malhotra

Let's Learn the 3 Soft Skills that can enhance our well-being from Rhythm Malhotra, People Skills Coach and Etiquette Consultant. 
Groom Your Personality Tips

Groom Your Personality Tips | Mirror Activity | Deepti Dange

In this session we learn how we can groom our Personality.  Deepti Dange, Image Consultant, will give us 8 Tips to get noticed and stay memorable.

From Mediocre To A Miracle: 5 Tips On How To Murder...

hen you’re stuck in a life where you’re working 9 to 5 every day and you’re just wanting to get out of that environment because it’s not giving you enough space to do something big, that’s when you know, you’re being a mediocre and are settling for just “adequate”. So let's murder mediocrity.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence and How To Improve It?

Even when we get our first job, we’re basically judged on the basis of how much marks we got. But nobody ever mentions EQ (Emotional Quotient), right? So, let us learn about Emotional Intelligence!