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Top books about Ramayana

Top books about Ramayana: Recasting Women in Mythology

Have you ever wondered about the story of Ramayana from the perspective of a woman character? The story has iconic women characters who do not get their due. But some Indian authors are challenging the patriarchal narrative of Ramayana and giving a voice to the women of Ramayana.
Top Books by Women about Consent

Top Books by Women about Consent: Tackling India’s Rape Culture

Why is education on Consent absent in India? Read about Top Books by Women about Consent. Indian women writers, feminists and activists have written these books. They expose a culture that normalises rape and help us understand consent.
Top Feminist Reads

Feminism in India: Top 5 Feminist Reads

This blog is all you need to know about Feminism in India. India is home to exceptional books written by bold and fierce feminists. India's feminist writers have been smashing patriarchy for decades.
Top Feminist Writers of India

Top Feminist Writers of India: Shaping the Women’s Movements

Indian Feminists have fought to secure the rights and freedoms of women for decades. Let's learn about them and who they are!
Top Must Read Feminist Reads

Top Must-Read Feminist Books

These feminist books explore traditional Indian society from a female perspective and a feminist lens. Indian Feminist writers shed new light on the domestic and social aspects of womanhood. Here are the Top Must-Read Feminist Books:
Top Books By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Top books by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: Recasting female icons in Indian...

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni has mastered many forms of writing- poetry, mythological retellings, essays and stories. Her fiction explores history and magical realism with a strong undercurrent of feminism.
Top Books from Top Indian Women Writers

Top 11 Books from Top Indian Women Writers

Wondering what to read next? We have compiled a list of our Top 11 books by Top Indian Women authors that we read in 2021.